Welcome to Medysky Kiteboarding

Sam Medysky has been kiteboarding since the age of 8 when he and his father, Daniel Medysky, a high school physical education teacher took up this radically new extreme sport on the sandy shores of Sauble Beach, Ontario, Canada.

In 2001, the father and son team opened one of Canada’s first kiteboarding schools, Kiterider.ca.  After eleven years of operation and having taught over 3000 students, the kite school has introduced many individuals to the sport of kiteboarding.

In 2004, Sam won the Junior title at the US Open Velocity Games. This event sparked Sam’s career as a professional kiteboarder at the age of 13.

After graduation from high school, Sam began his travels in  Brazil to pursue his career as a professional kiteboarder and to train internationally. Currently, at the age of 22 years, Sam has become a three time Canadian national champion and one of the top North American riders competing internationally. Competition and training have taken Sam to some of the top kiteboarding locations in North and South America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia and Scandinavia.

Having a strong foundation grounded in the development of skills through the teaching of kiteboarding in combination with his competitive edge on the international scene, Sam will now contribute his technique, skills and travel knowledge to others intrigued by the world of kiteboarding.

Join Sam around the world to take your kiting to the next level. Ride with Canada’s best and explore some of the top kiteboarding destinations.

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